Welcome to one of the most beautiful places on Earth - the mountains of western North Carolina! There are literally hundreds of waterfalls and miles and miles of hiking trails in this area - you could spend a lifetime trying to see everything. Western North Carolina is blessed to have over a million acres of national forests, national parks, state parks, and other public lands for our enjoyment and use. The Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests comprise most of this land and offer multiple uses including hiking, water, mountain biking, camping, and horseback riding. Our state parks offer the same activities and contain some of the lesser know hidden jewels. New state parks are still being developed - Gorges State Park, Chimney Rock State Park, and the new Grandfather Mountain State Park are still in their infancy stages of development. And of course there's the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway - America's Favorite Drive. Men and women with extraordinary vision preserved these special places and are constantly working to save more and improve what has already been saved. They do this because they love the land, they love the beauty Mother Nature has bestowed upon this area, and because they want to share it with you, me, and everyone that will take the time to get out and experience it.

Of course, the scenery doesn't stop at the North Carolina border. Upstate South Carolina and Georgia have beautiful waterfalls in their mountain areas. There are enough waterfalls in central and Eastern Tennessee to fill another web site - and of course there's the Great Smoky Mountain National Park on the NC/TN border. I've done my best to include their waterfalls in this site, but still have a lot more places to visit.

I didn't discover this area until 1998. That's when friends invited me up to their mountain home in Lake Toxaway to hike to some of the waterfalls in the area. My first falls were Drift, Turtleback and Rainbow Falls along the Horsepasture River and I've been hooked ever since. I lived near Raleigh at the time and it was a struggle to get over this way more than 5 times a year. By 2002 I just couldn't stand living 4-5 hours away, so I started planning to relocate. In April 2003, the dream became reality and I picked up my life and moved it to Asheville. This site has grown tremendously in the number of visitors - especially in the last 3 years. That's a good thing since it probably means more people are getting outdoors to enjoy Nature's beauty and are looking for info on where to go and what to see. The only down side is I'm getting a lot more emails and am not able to answer all of the inquiries. I'm very sorry if I haven't responded to yours, but please remember that this is a one person operation. Use this site for your visual pleasure or as just one source of info for planning a trip to this area. This site is - and will always be - a work in progress, and I'll do my best to keep it up to date.




PLACES TO GO - This page has links to subsections where falls in the same area are grouped together. Try looking here if you're planning a trip to the area. You'll find photos and directions to the waterfalls, as well as ramblings about the areas and my adventures on various trips.

INDEX - If you would like to see a list of the falls on this site or if you are looking for a particular waterfall, go to the index. The falls are in alphabetical order and there's a link to the page that the information about the fall is on. There may be more than one falls on a page, so you may have to scroll down.

IMAGE GALLERIES - I wanted to create a section of my site where you can go and just look at pictures of this beautiful area. I've found the easiest way for me to present these images is to use PBase.com - an online service separate from my site. The pictures are larger than the ones posted here and include a wider variety of images that you won't find in this section of my site. Click the thumbnails in each gallery for a larger image. These photos are best viewed if your display is set to 1024 x 768. If you have to scroll to see the entire image, you can click 'medium' under each image to get a smaller view.

VIDEO - I have added a lot of videos to both my YouTube and Vimeo Channels over the past few years, but now am only adding to my YouTube channel.  Become a subscriber to get notifications when I add new ones!

WILDFLOWERS - As I began hiking more, I couldn't help but notice the beautiful wildflowers that grow along the trails and the roads that take me to the trail heads. So I took pictures of those also and have posted them in one of my PBase galleries.

LINKS - The links section has links to other waterfall, mountain and hiking sites and also links to sites with info on camping, lodging and other activities in western North Carolina. If you have one you would like for me to add, please email me.

I realize there's a lot of info to sort through on this site, so I'm trying a Google search. Leave the button set to ncwaterfalls.com, type in your search words, click, and Google will search just within this site. Hope this helps - I may or may not keep this feature.

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WARNING!!! Wet rocks are very slippery and people fall to their deaths from waterfalls every year! If you visit them, please be careful and use common sense! Do not climb rocks around the waterfalls and do not ever cross a stream or swim at the top of a waterfall. If you have children, watch them at all times. There are also many species of rare plants near some of these waterfalls, living in and near the spray areas of the falls. Please be very careful not to trample vegetation while exploring any falls!

Cindy and me at Moore Cove Falls
"I can see my rainbow calling me through the misty breeze of my waterfall." - Jimi Hendrix


11-16-21  I hope everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall colors we had here in western NC. It has been one of the most colorful that I have ever seen. There's still a bit of color to be had in the lower elevations, but it won't last much longer.

Back in August, parts of western NC suffered from severe flood damage. Many places were closed due to safety issues and several forest roads were damaged and impassable. Most of what was closed had since reopened, but there are still a very few places in the national forests that remain closed. Click here to check the latest national forest closures and do not enter a closed area! If you are from out of town, it's always a good idea to check this site and the official sites for where you plan to visit for the latest conditions and closures.

Late in 2020, I announced the launch of a new non-profit organization in western NC - Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina. The mission of the new organization is to promote and protect one of North Carolina's most valuable resources - it's waterfalls! Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina had been in the planning stages for more than a year before it's launch and was able to hit the ground running immediately after being announced to the public. North Carolina's own Kevin Adams serves as the executive director and is founder of the organization. As most of you know, Kevin is one of North Carolina's top experts on the state's waterfalls and is author of the well known NC waterfall guide book, North Carolina Waterfalls. Along with being a writer, Kevin is also a teacher, professional photographer, and naturalist. I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors with several other conservation minded individuals and will also be volunteering my time at many of the planned activities you can find on the web site. Be sure to also check out Waterfall Keepers Facebook page  and Friends of Waterfall Keepers page for up to date news and announcements!

Waterfall visitation has exploded in the last 10 years. The pandemic of 2020/21 has brought even more people outdoors and some of our more popular waterfalls are suffering from over use. We all need to pitch in and help keep these areas as pristine as we can - for now and for future generations. If you would like to be involved with a community of waterfall lovers, please take some time and really explore the Waterfall Keepers of NC web site. We would be honored for you to join us on this journey. As of June 2021, we have 502 members, 206 waterfalls have been adopted by 272 volunteers who have already picked up over 2,100 gallons of trash! Waterfall Keepers has also adopted a stretch of NC215 north of the Blue Ridge Parkway for the Adopt-A-Highway program. Our first 2 cleanups were a huge success! Volunteers picked up over 1,000 gallons of trash, 11 tires, 1 TV, 1 toilet, 1 kid’s ATV, and several other items too big to bag!

Back in April, Waterfall Keepers announced the Junior Waterfall Keepers program for the kids! To date, 132 kids have joined in the fun and are Junior Waterfall Keepers. The kids can earn badges and learn about conservation and life around our streams and waterfalls. All of the info you need can be found on the Junior Keepers section of the web site. I hope you will join in on the fun!

Waterfall Keepers of North Carolina


The Blue Ridge Parkway has done away with it's interactive closure map. They have replaced it with a chart showing which sections are open and closed. It looks like it's updated daily and should be more user friendly on a wider variety of devices. The link is here. 

If you are planning to visit Crabtree Falls off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, don't rely on Google maps to get you there. There's another Crabtree Falls nearby that is on private property and is not accessed via the Parkway. According to the landowner, a lot of people have been showing up at their property because of bad directions and this waterfall is not open to the public! If you are not on the Blue Ridge Parkway, you are not at the trail head for the public Crabtree Falls. More info is on this page of my site. 

Effective immediately, you can no longer access Big Bradley Falls or the cliff area that has a partial view of the waterfall. This has nothing to do with the Covid-19 closures, but is because it's not a safe area and people keep dying here. The land is owned by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and you can find the info on their site here. I emailed to find out if you could access the falls from the trail that comes up the creek, but I haven't received a response. You should just assume that you are not allowed at the waterfall at all. I have no idea how long this closure will be in effect, so you'll have to keep checking on their web site.


I upgraded my camera to a Sony a6400 in early 2019. Picture quality is similar to the a6000 that I was previously using, but I can now shoot video in 4K! I post photos and short videos on my Instagram account that you won't see here and longer videos on my YouTube Channel. Some of the posts aren't waterfall related, but most are nature oriented. Feel free to subscribe and follow along!

There was some very exciting news announced just after Labor Day 2018. The 6,730 acre Headwaters State Forest officially opened to the public on September 8th! This has been in the works for almost 10 years now and I have begun to explore the area a bit. Previous information about the forest land claims 25 waterfalls are on the property, but don't get too excited yet. Very few have any kind of trail that passes by them, and it will be a while before any are built. I'll be very surprised if there are more than 10 waterfalls worth mentioning. One nice waterfall is right next to the road - East Fork Falls. Reese Place Falls and Gravley Falls are 2 more that are fairly well known and folks have been going to them in the past few years even though the land has been closed to the public. Headwaters will not be another Dupont State Forest with overcrowded trails and parking lots - thank goodness. It will be managed by the North Carolina Forest Service, but more as a working forest with dispersed recreation. Here the forest service info - be sure read the FAQ page at this link. One thing that stands out is it will be foot traffic only - no mountain bikes or horseback riding. I've started a Headwaters State Forest page at this link and will be adding to it as I spend more time in there. Below is a video of Reece Place Falls.

My wife recently finished her 4th hiking guide book - Day Hiking The Mountains to Sea Trail. This book focuses on the sections of trail from Clingmans Dome to Mount Mitchell, but only the sections of trail that can reasonably done in a day by the average hiker. You can order this book and her other 3 from Amazon at this link.

The 3rd edition of Kevin Adams' North Carolina Waterfalls guide book is out and in many of the visitor centers and outdoor gear shops in the area. You can order the book directly from Kevin by clicking here. Kevin had more waterfalls in this book than I will ever have on this site, so you are missing out if you don't get a copy! The updated version of his excellent waterfall map is also out and is available for order. This map is essential in planning your waterfall vacation. You can order it directly from Kevin here or look for it at many of the outdoor shops and book stores in the area. Kevin has also been working a lot harder on his web site than I have and has an excellent North Carolina waterfalls section with a really nice interactive map that he is always updating. Click here to see it, then also be sure to click around on the rest of his site!

My hiking pal and finder of many new waterfalls Bernie Boyer has a great photo gallery with a lot of photos of his adventures in this area and more recently north Georgia. You can check it out here.

In April 2016, representatives of a variety of Pisgah user groups, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, announced the formation of a North Carolina non-profit corporation called The Pisgah Conservancy. The mission of the Pisgah Conservancy is "to provide funding to preserve the natural resources and scenic beauty of the Pisgah Ranger District and to enhance the experience of all visitors to Pisgah. The Pisgah Conservancy’s efforts will be focused on sustainable recreational usage of the Forest, watershed improvement, eradication of invasive species, removal of waste, litter, and graffiti, wildlife habitat improvement, and education." Right now the forest service doesn't have the funding or the manpower to keep up with trail maintenance or to develop new areas for people to enjoy. I became a member of the conservancy right away because I can see the need for what these folks want to accomplish. I hope you will take the time to visit their web site here and consider donating to the cause.


If you are new to the site, visiting my PBase galleries from time to time might give you ideas of other places to visit in the area. Some of the spots I visit and shoot don't have waterfalls, so the info isn't posted on my main site here. Most of the images in those galleries are from western North Carolina, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, and upstate South Carolina. The main gallery is here, then click on any of the other galleries for the pictures. I have galleries for the wildflowers, mushrooms, birds, and other things I have seen while out and about, plus galleries from other national parks and areas I have visited. If you have used my site to plan your vacation or find new places to explore and would like to show your appreciation for the time and effort I have put into these pages over the past 20+ years, you can offer a donation via PayPal below. If you notice, I don't have any advertising on this site, and plan on keeping it that way. Thank you to all that have contributed so far!


All updates to the site are listed below so you can tell if anything has changed and if there is a link, it will take you right to the new stuff. I really appreciate all the nice emails I've received saying how much you enjoy the photos and info, or how the site brings back old memories of visiting or living in the mountains. This site has grown tremendously in the past year and unfortunately I don't have the time to respond to all of them. I do read them all and do the best I can. Thanks for visiting!

Upper Catawba Falls
Upper Catawba Falls


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3-31-17 - added a video to my YouTube channel of some waterfalls we saw on private property. This property has been protected by the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy and isn't open to the public, but they occasionally have guided member hikes so why don't you consider joining!?

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9-21-15 - I started a blog for our hikes and adventures. You can follow it here.

8-17-15 - added Upper Meigs Falls to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park section

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8-4-15 - added Forney Creek Cascade in the NC section of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park - also added a hike on Basin Creek in the Doughton Park area of the Blue Ridge Parkway with 2 waterfalls and historic structures

7-30-15 - added videos and updated pictures and info for Mouse Creek Falls and Midnight Hole and for Rainbow Falls in the Smokies

7-29-15 - updated info, pictures, and added a video for Baskins Creek Falls in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park; also added a new waterfall (with video) to the site - Indian Flats Falls in the Smokies. Cindy and I had hiked there back in 2012, but I lost my focus somewhere between then and now and forgot to add it; also added a video and updated photos and info for Lynn Camp Prong

7-28-15 - updated info, pictures and added a video for Catheys Creek Falls - also added a video to the Lower Wildcat page below

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11-3-14 - added The Narrows in the Eastatoe Creek Heritage Preserve in South Carolina

8-22-14 - added a hike in Panthertown Valley along Greenland Creek that includes Mac's, Pothole, Schoolhouse Falls and 2 unnamed waterfalls

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4-15-14 - updated the Graveyard Fields section of my site

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8-14-13 - added another new waterfall near Lake Toxaway amd Balsam Grove - Bernie's Falls. This is an outstanding waterfall but should only be attempted by experienced outdoors folks.

5-5-13 - added 2 new waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest - waterfall on the Barnett Branch Trail and a waterfall on Slate Rock Creek

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