Silver Run Falls is a nice 25' waterfall just south of Cashiers. It's easy to get to, family friendly, and very popular. To get to this falls, head west on Hwy 64 from Lake Toxaway into Cashiers and take a left on Hwy 107. Parking is a little over 4 miles down on the left and is just a wide area on the shoulder with room enough for maybe 5 vehicles or so. The trail head is obvious - the trail is less than 1/4 mile and easy. On the way to the waterfall you'll cross the Whitewater River. It's not very wide at this point. Crossing used to be on a log, but a bridge has recently been built for safety reasons. There's a nice swimming hole at the base of the falls and the area is usually crowded on a warm day. There used to be some logs at the left side of the falls, but the hurricanes of 2004 washed the logs down creek. You can see them in the photo above, the frozen one from 2001 below, the one from February 2004 below that, but not in the one from October 2004 below that.

There's also an upper falls that's about 15' high, but more difficult to get to. You'll see the trail continuing from the base. It kind of heads straight up a steep bank at one point, but continue past that and along the wall, then kind of switch back and head up and back towards the creek. It becomes fainter at this point, but continues along the creek for a short distance to the base of the falls. I don't recommend bringing children up here. Below is a photo.

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